We have been developing a variety of sophisticated tools.


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Gaming is the biggest form of entertainment which we are laying the groundwork for in numerous upcoming titles across multiple platforms.


Virtual Stars is a new transmedia format in which the community is taking an active part in voting for bands and performers they like with the goal of finding musical talents


The SongHi for Schools program is aimed at facilitating schools with the integration of music in different subjects.

Technology, media and music are at the core of SongHi and our intention is to change the way music is learned, created and discovered. We already have a wide array of prototype and technology concepts built and tested, with a long-term sustainable growth in place

SongHi is all about crazy cool ideas, crazy cool people and the greatest products ever.


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Send us your feedback, whether good or bad, compliments or criticism, we want to hear it. If something is bothering you, we’ll fix it. If you enjoy something we are doing, we’ll continue doing it.

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